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Destination - if location not listed please call 907-201-0542           
Notes -           
O/W = ONE WAY         R/T = ROUND TRIP

Granite Point Mountain Lodge

- O/W $55        R/T $90

Bear Glacier (River/Lagoon access)             

- O/W $170      R/T $250

Caine's Head             $6 State Park fee p/p req.

- O/W $45        R/T $70

Day Harbor               

- O/W $175      R/T $285

Fox Island Spit          $6 State Park fee p/p req.

- O/W $55        R/T $90

Humpy Cove

- O/W $100      R/T $100

Kayaker's Cove

- O/W $55        R/T $90
Aialik Bay                  

- O/W $225      R/T $385 

Northwestern Fjord

- O/W $230      R/T $395

Sunny Cove              $6 State Park fee p/p req.

- O/W $65        R/T $110

Thumb Cove             $6 State Park fee p/p req.

- O/W $55        R/T $90

Personalized Charters     $220/hr for the boat -not/person
Wildlife Cruise                   $220/hr for the boat -not/person

Please call for information about transport to locations not listed above.

Commercial Kayak companies should call for company rates.

Cancellation Policy

You must email your cancellation request to

• If you cancel with more than 14 days notice you are eligible for a full refund

• If you cancel with less than 14 days notice a 50% cancellation fee will be charged, if you don't cancel 100% will be charged. If you cancel the day of your reservation you are potentially subject to a $200 administrative fee in addition to your regular fare, this also applies to COVID related situations.

• Commercially guided trip cancellation fees are 100%.

Other Rate Information

All rates include all associated harbor passenger fees ($3.50) and sales taxes (7%).

• State Park drop off fees are $6.00 per person even if you have rented a cabin.

• All transport rates are per person, most are 3 persons minimum(Kenai Fjords is 4 person minimum) and 6 persons maximum.

• "Freight loads" are charged at the 6 person one way rate. Backhaul cost more depending on weight and personnel.

• Rates are variable for transporting kayaks.

• All rates are potentially subject to a fuel surcharge.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Any trips before 8:00am or after 5:30pm incur additional hourly fees.

• Alaskan Coastal Safari is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property.

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