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About Seward Water Taxi

Captain Louis Garding started Alaskan Coastal Safari LLC in 2010. He is a former biologist who has conducted research with various government agencies throughout Alaska. He has lived locally since 1997 and can arrange for you to view spectacular sights and wildlife in the local area.

The M/V Lori Sea is a 28 foot landing craft with a 12.5 foot long deck and additional space on top of the cabin. Her capacity is well suited for your maritime recreational needs and can take you and your gear where you want to go in the greater Seward vicinity. The vessel complies with all USCG OUPV safety regulations and standards.

Lori Sea cruising on a stellar day. Capt. Louis enjoying the scenery in Johnstone Bay.

(Left to Right) Lori Sea cruising in premium waters. Capt. Louis enjoying Johnstone Lagoon.

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