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Bear Glacier Lagoon

Bear Glacier is one of the premier, jaw-dropping scenic experiences on the coast of Alaska. Bear Glacier lagoon has the some of the most massive icebergs in Alaska. Kayaking among these icebergs is a magical experience. The most popular recreational activities at Bear Glacier are sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and pack rafting. Let Alaskan Coastal Safari take you on the kayak or stand up paddle board adventure of your life. The Bear Glacier water taxi takes about 40 to 50 minutes from Seward. It is the closest access to a glacier on the coast of Alaska from civilization. On the way you have the opportunity to see whales, sea otters, puffins and other marine life. It is typical to get good views of harbor seals swimming in the lagoon or hauled out on the icebergs at Bear Glacier. Some people like to camp overnight for a few nights, others prefer a day trip if the tides allow. The M/V Lori Sea takes you about a quarter mile up the river at high tide and then you can access the lagoon from there. The iris bloom on the outer beach in late June or early July is a phenomenal photographic experience. Often people prefer to camp on the outer beach at Bear Glacier, this gives them the opportunity to see humpback whales swimming and feeding off shore. Others prefer to camp on the islands in the lagoon near the glacier. There are guided tours available at Bear Glacier as well. Bear Glacier tours are a great option for anyone as guides are more familiar with the area and provide a certain level of added safety, comfort and local knowledge. To see what people are saying about Bear Glacier check out some reviews like this one on Tripadvisor. Here is a link to a premium video of the Lori Sea entering the river at Bear Glacier -